Code: 706003

Calatog's price: €6.00

  • Capacity: 750ml

This 750ml Limescale and Rust Remover is recommended to clean baths, washbasins and lavatory pans, taps, showers, and also floor and tiling. The unique formula of the gel facilitates rapid and effective removal of scale deposits, soap scum, rust stains and other types of residues that deposit appearing on sanitary fittings. With the texture of soft gel, the preparation also stays on oval surfaces (e.g. lavatory pans). The layer of the gel coats the cleaned surface and lets the surface-active agents operate. When used regularly it protects against dirt resettling. It does not damage the cleaned surface but it should not be used for marble, stone or porous surfaces. It gives a delicate shine and leaves a delicate aroma of an orange flower. The trigger cap is sold separately.