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This multi-function device for eye makeup will fit every vanity case! It includes two different applicators that can be combined with an eyeshadow refill! Choose your favourite eyeshadows to design the best beauty product especially for you. Become a creator of the captivating beauty of your look. • the pointed ending enables to make a precise line while the round applicator on the other end will perfectly distribute the eyeshadow all over your lid • from now on, you can forget about having to look for brushes or sponges to apply your eyeshadows. Now you can have it all at hand in one device! What a convenience and time-saving! • immediate eye makeup: when you turn the refill, the applicator already has a proper amount of the eyeshadow that you can immediately apply to your eye • the applicators are reusable – you can safely clean them if you want to attach them to a different eyeshadow colour. Simply wash them under running water and leave to dry. Use with our eyezone refills!

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